Elegant medical compression stockings


Memory compression stockings are a stylish and elegant addition to the fashion-conscious woman. With a delicate transparency and a light gloss, they are ideal for those with varicose veins and other vein problems. Memory compression stockings are available in standard sizes but can be custom-made and made-to-measure. These circular-knitted compression stockings have also been given a Red Dot Award for exceptional product design.

Memory compression stockings are available in compression classes 1 and 2.

Instructions for use

Sustainable innovation for compression therapy

Conserving natural resources and combating climate change is a cause close to our company's heart. We are proud to be at the forefront of using sustainable materials in the manufacture of our medical compression garments. With Lastofa Verde, we have already introduced the very first sustainable compression stocking to the market.

More about sustainability at Ofa

With our Memory brand, we are taking an additional step towards sustainability by utilising an innovative, more sustainable polyamide. The manufacturing process for this polyamide uses an alternative raw material sourced from used tyres.

From crude oil to sustainable polyamide

Polyamide is an essential material in the manufacture of compression garments due to its excellent properties, including strength, dimensional stability, and elasticity. However, many people are not aware that conventional polyamide is made from crude oil, a finite fossil raw material.

Currently, there is no alternative to polyamide for medically effective compression garments. Therefore, we have chosen a more sustainable and resource-conserving approach. Our Memory brand utilises a specially developed sustainable polyamide to reduce the environmental impact while maintaining the high quality of our products.

Recycling used tyres for a more sustainable future

To produce our new yarn, we employ an innovative technology that enables the extraction of oil from plastic waste that is difficult to recycle. The carbon chains contained in used tyres are broken down at a molecular level and chemically transformed in a process known as pyrolysis, a thermochemical process. The recycled oil (also known as pyrolysis oil) is then integrated into the polyamide production system and can thereby replace the crude oil otherwise required as a raw material for the production of the polyamide. The recycled raw material is incorporated into the certified polyamide using the mass balance approach. This process can reduce CO₂ emissions in production by around 67% compared to the production of conventional polyamide.

Premium quality with a sustainable profile

With this process, we are establishing a new standard for our premium product Memory! Our primary goal is not only to continue offering outstanding compression care but also to set a sustainable example in the medical products industry. In pursuit of these goals, we consistently keep our customers and their high expectations of our product in mind. The properties of our innovative yarn meet 100% of the quality standards of the conventional yarn originally used.

Memory, your elegant medical compression garment, continues to be produced in the usual way. It looks like before, feels like before and works like before. The key difference is that our material can be used to reuse materials that are difficult to recycle, reduce CO₂ emissions and conserve valuable resources.

Produktbild Memory Q-Cycle

In accordance with our company's sustainability commitment, we also aim to contribute to a more environmentally friendly future in the medical products sector. By using recycled polyamide in our yarn, we can actively contribute to conserving our planet's valuable finite resources and simultaneously combat the greenhouse effect.

A distinction is made between mechanical and chemical recycling:

  • In mechanical recycling, the source material is shredded, cleaned, and melted down. New material can then be obtained from this. The molecular structure and composition remain unchanged, and colours and impurities are not filtered out. Plastics should, therefore, be recycled by type, cleaned, and sorted by colour to achieve high quality in mechanical recycling.
  • In chemical recycling, plastic is converted at a molecular level using a thermochemical process. This means that it is broken down into its smallest building blocks, the molecules. What makes this special is that the recycled material can be used in production in the same way as comparable non-recycled material. It also enables the reuse of materials that cannot be recycled using conventional methods, such as used tyres. Another advantage over mechanical recycling is the capability to remove impurities and pollutants from the source material.

Quality, functionality, and effectiveness are of utmost importance, particularly in the medical devices sector. At the same time, we also view it as our responsibility as a company to reduce our carbon footprint in order to mitigate climate change. We therefore opted for the process that can provide us with the highest quality end product to date and maintains 100% of our premium quality, while at the same time saving around 67% in CO₂ emissions compared to conventional polyamide production. This means that not only pure and clean plastics can be recycled, as is the case with mechanical recycling, but also plastics that are difficult to recycle, such as used tyres. Yes, this process is also energy intensive. However, the portion of the waste that cannot be converted into raw materials but is pyrolysed into gas is utilised to generate almost all of the energy required for the process. The amount of external thermal energy required is therefore very low (<1%, e.g. for start-up processes). We view this technology as a very viable, climate-friendly alternative, especially with the increased use of renewable energies, and would like to contribute to increasing the efficiency of the process further in the future by lending our support.

In a process known as pyrolysis, used tyres are recycled in an energy self-sufficient manner, i.e. broken down into their molecules at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen and processed into pyrolysis oil. The part of the waste that cannot be converted into oil is pyrolysed into gas, which is then used to generate the energy required for the process. In the next step, the pyrolysis oil is used instead of fossil crude oil. The recycled raw material is attributed to the synthetic fibre polyamide using the mass balance approach. This means that 67% of CO₂ emissions** can be saved compared to extraction from fossil crude oil. This is done using a certified mass balance approach.

When discussing recycled materials, reductions in CO₂ emissions are frequently expressed as percentages. The determination of these emission reductions involves analysing the entire life cycle of a material, from the extraction of raw materials to the production of the finished product. This comprehensive approach is often referred to as life cycle assessment. In our case, we use a product from BASF for which this type of life cycle assessment is available. This assessment, which was drawn up in accordance with ISO 14040/44 standards and verified by independent experts, shows a CO₂ saving of around 67% compared to the use of crude oil.

The contribution of the mass balance approach to the circular economy

Further information on the mass balance approach can be found here.

Tastefully seductive

The delicate shades of Marzipan, Honey and Caramel are ideal for women with lighter skin tones. These natural colours subtly highlight your legs with a slight sheen.

The crisp colours of Praline, Nougat and Chocolate are simply scrumptious and give your legs an irresistible charm.

The dark shades of the Memory colour range (Blueberry, Poppy and Licorice) are universal and create a magical appearance.

Memory Sugar is perfect for allergy sufferers: the stockings contain no additional dyes and are therefore ideally suited for sensitive skin. By the way, also perfect for the bride!


Fresh and expressive: the 2024 fashion colours

Add that certain something to any look with these vibrant shades of exotic fruits: peach, lime, coconut and passion fruit.

Find out more about the new fashion colours


memory lakritz
Memory: Licorice

Fashion colours 2024:

  • Peach
  • Lime
  • Coconut
  • Passion fruit

The standard Memory colour range:

  • Sugar
  • Marzipan
  • Honey
  • Caramel
  • Praline
  • Nougat
  • Chocolate
  • Blueberry
  • Poppy
  • Licorice

The standard Memory colour range











Fashion colours 2024




Passion fruit

Optimal Fit

Each measurement in the Memory sizing system – from the tip of the toes to the waist – is the result of detailed research. It is therefore oriented around statistical data regarding real human body sizes. In this way, we guarantee both an optimal fit and highly effective compression.


From the product range to individual measurements

Another aim of the Memory sizing system is to care for as many women as possible with our compression stockings. As a result, you don't have to wait long for compression stockings and you can enjoy Memory stockings as quickly and directly as possible.

If our sizing system does not cater to your specific measurements, getting your stockings made to measure is the ideal solution. They can be adjusted to your individual body shape and therefore fit you perfectly to ensure maximum comfort.


Advantages of the Memory sizing system

  • 5 up-to-date sizes
  • 2 foot lengths with compact tips
  • 2 leg lengths
  • 2 topband widths
  • 2 cotton flap widths

Indvidualised and made to measure

  • Custom fit
  • Asymmetrical soft tips available
  • Indvidualised and made to measure for every type of leg
  • Different designs available
  • Free choice of topband

Knee-High Stockings (AD)

The Memory Knee-High stockings go up to just below the knee and are fitted with 5cm wide leg bands, which reliably fix the stockings in place without restriction. The bands contrast visually with the rest of the knitted fabric with their fine rib structure.


Thigh-Length Stockings (AG)

The Memory Thigh-Length stockings shine with a slight transparency. The knitted fabric fits to the leg in an optimal fashion; the stocking fits perfectly without restriction – even when bending the knees.


Tights (AT)

The Memory Tights have a wide selection of waistbands: the Panty Waistband (AT) is wider and promises maximum comfort without cutting or slipping. The Memory Slip Waistband (AT/S) stands out with its elegant design and refined details, as well as a seamless transition from leg to waistband. The exceptionally flexible knitted fabric of the Memory Tights with Extra Wide Waistband (AT/U) are particularly suitable for the larger waist – these are also ideal when pregnant, for example.


The Memory Foot Tips

The open tips in Memory products are a soft and comfortable conclusion to the compression they provide, and offer space for the toes and a secure fit for the stockings. The closed soft tips do not restrict the toes, as the material has been selected in such a way that it is comfortable, smooth and also strong.

Knee-High Stockings (AD)

Knee-High Stockings (AD)

Thigh-High Stockings (AG)

Closed Foot Tips

Open Foot Tips

Tights (AT)

Tights with Underwear Support (AT/S)

Maternity Tights (AT/U)

Red Dot Design Award 2012

Memory proves that medical efficacy and a pleasant appearance can go hand in hand. In 2012, these elegant compression stockings were given a Red Dot Design Award for their fashionable design and refined details.

The tasteful colours, the lovingly designed details, and the elegant appearance of the Memory product range were able to win over a jury of high-class professionals.

Memory also ensured an all-round successful performance with its exquisite packaging and stylish appearance of its colour brochure and folder of colour samples.

red dot award winner ofa memory


Memory Kompressionsstrümpfe Blaubeere

Knitted Fabric

  • transparent appearance
  • soft sheen, velvety feel, sleek knitted fabric
  • easier upward movement, thanks to specially developed compression threads
  • the most modern and functional fibres to ensure a natural balance to the skin


  • anatomically knitted fabric
  • supple and elastic
  • perfect fit
  • no wrinkling in the arches of the feet
  • reinforced soles
  • discreet appearance

Soft Tips

  • provides sufficient space for the toes
  • does not restrict
  • supple and comfortable material
  • strong and durable
  • fine and narrow seam
  • adapted to the colour of the stockings



Grip tops for every taste

All grip tops in our range of Memory compression stockings have the same objective: the best grip and an elegant appearance. Their development is characterised by continuous innovation, which provides both technical and visual advantages. This makes grip tops the perfect final addition.


Lace grip top

The supple and delicate lace grip top is extremely flexible. Its lateral stability means that it cannot become loose or fold down. The honeycomb shaped silicon ensures that the stockings are held securely to the leg.

Silicone grip top Fleur

This grip top provides an exquisite jacquard appearance for the fashion-conscious woman with sensitive skin. In fact, the transparent and flat naps barely stand out. The silicon is applied selectively and allows the skin to breathe in the most optimal way possible. The lateral stability also prevents the tape from becoming loose or folding down.

Silicone grip top

This silicone grip top has a high level of air permeability and is therefore best suited to someone with sensitive skin, as the silicon is not evenly affixed and the skin can therefore breathe much more easily. The lateral stability also prevents the tape from becoming loose or folding down.

Rubber grip top

This grip top is especially suitable for people who have an allergy or intolerance to silicon. The rubber tape has very good adhesion, rests on selective points on the legs, and provides sufficient room for the skin to breathe. It also is specially strengthened, so it does not become loose or fold down.

Compression – The basis for treatment

Compression treatment is the foundation of every kind of treatment for vein conditions and is also the basis for preventative measures. For healthy legs, this means early support in relief, recovery and care.

In the case of a vein disorder, a vein can expand and not return to normal. This is known as varicose veins and requires long term support through compression. Even after surgery for sclerosis or varicose veins, compression stockings are used to ensure the success of the treatment.


Pressure decreases from the bottom up

Compression stockings exert precisely defined mechanical and external pressure on the enlarged venous vessels and also on the leg. They compress the veins, therefore narrowing the vein diameter, allowing the venous valves to close up again. The blood in the veins can now flow better and faster once more.

Medical compression stockings guarantee correct levels of pressure ​​and a medically dispensed drop in pressure. The pressure of the compression stocking is at its strongest around the ankle and decreases as the stockings move upwards. This speeds up blood flow back to the heart and noticeably improves the blood circulation in the leg.

Learn more medical background information in the "Our Body" learning area.

Druckverlauf medizinischer Kompressionsstrümpfe
Distribution of Pressure in Medical Compression Stockings


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Effortless to wear

Little everyday helpers do not turn wearing compression stockings and tights into purely a huge effort in the morning, but allow you to glide quickly and easily, both into the stockings and into the day. This is why we have developed many practical aids that make day-to-day life easier and simplify the handling of your compression stockings.

Your comfort is at the heart of what we do!


How to handle Compression Stockings correctly

  • This product is suitable for immediate use. However, we recommend that you wash them before their first use. From then on, they should be hand-washed or washed in the washing machine every day. Please note that if you are using a washing machine, we recommend turning the stockings inside out and using a delicates cycle.
  • Wash the stockings separately with mild detergent but without fabric softener (e.g. Ofa Clean Special Detergent) at a maximum of 40°C and rinse well.
  • The stockings can be carefully tumble dried, but please do not wring them out.
  • The compression stockings can be hung out to dry or can be dried in a gentle drying cycle, but do not hang them out to dry on a radiator, do not iron them, and ensure that they are kept out of direct sunlight.
  • In order to retain the stockings' efficacy, do not use chemical detergents, bleach, fabric softener or petroleum.
  • Compression stockings are resistant to fat and oil to the greatest extent possible, however they should never come into contact with salves or ointments.
  • Stockings with silicon-coated topbands should not come into contact with solvents, salves, ointments, moisturisers, or body lotions, as their grip and adhesion to the legs may be permanently affected as a result.
  • Store the stockings in a cool dry place, preferably in their original packaging.