The endovenous procedure

Help through laser therapy


Endovenous laser therapy is a minimal invasive method which is carried out under local anaesthesia. Through a small entry puncture a laser probe is inserted into the varicose vein under ultrasonographic guidance. When pulling back the probe the inner wall of the vein is heated to 70° Celsius and thus intentionally damaged. The vein is stuck together after treatment and closes and the reverse flow of the venous blood is thus avoided. The closed vein then hardens, dissolves completely in the course of some months and is reabsorbed by the body.

Already shortly after surgery the patient can again resume his usual activities. Wearing compression stockings for a period of at least eight days reduces hematoma and supports the healing process of the vein segments treated.

Endovenous laser therapy is a minimal invasive method.Endovenous laser therapy is a minimal invasive method.