Standard or custom-made Orthopaedic Supports?

Standard supports can be adapted to a certain degree

Standard orthopaedic supports are produced in fixed sizes, similar to normal clothing in a department store. The available sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from product to product. The range varies between different sizes according to the type of bandage, brace or orthosis. Due to the variety of sizes, which depend on the body part to be treated, the majority of patients can be treated with standard sizes.

In addition, many orthopaedic supports and orthoses are fitted with individually adjustable straps, insertable pads or similar, so that even standard products are very variable and can be adapted well to a specific body part. In addition, many orthoses are thermoformable and can be moulded directly to the body using special heat treatment, thus providing ideal support.


It's all about the measurements

Taking the patient's measurements determines the necessity of custom-made products. If the circumference and length measurements taken on the patient correspond to the standard tables, a standard product can be prescribed.

However, if the patient's proportions deviate strongly from the standard values in the table, a custom-made product should be used. Made-to-measure products ensure a perfect fit, even with problematic dimensions, since the orthopaedic support, orthosis or brace is adapted precisely to the patient's body.

A leg being fitted with an orthopaedic support.
Contact your retailer if the product needs to be customised.