Standard or Made-to-Measure?

Individual medical compression


Whether a standard stocking – i.e. a mass-produced stocking- can be used or a made-to-measure stocking must be prescribed depends on several criteria, whereby the indication and condition of the individual patient has priority.

Standard stockings like normal ladies’ stockings are manufactured in fixed sizes. The size system differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Depending on the stocking’s material composition, the range varies between three and seven sizes. As a result of the size range, approx. 80% of patients can be supplied with standard stockings.


Made-to-Measure stockings

Measuring the patient will provide information as to the need for a made-to-measure product. Should the circumference and length determined correspond with the standard size tables, a standard stocking can be prescribed.

However, should the patient’s dimensions deviate strongly from the standard values in the table, the stocking should be made to measure. Made-to-measure stockings allow for a perfectly fitting compression stocking even in the case of problematic leg measurements, as the stocking is manufactured exactly in conformity with the individual leg measurements of the patient.


Memory Aloe Vera as as standard version
Memory Aloe Vera as as standard version