Fashion colours 2024

Fresh and expressive through 2024

Since 2011, Memory has combined medical effectiveness with feminine elegance: with their elegant design and appealing look, they are the perfect compression garment for the style-conscious woman! Thanks to the wide range of colours, we offer you the perfect canvas for your personal statement in compression therapy. Every year, four changing fashion colours complete our compression stocking range.

We are delighted to present this year's fashion colours for Memory and Memory Aloe Vera: Peach, Lime, Coconut and Passion Fruit. With these vibrant shades of exotic fruits, you can add that certain something to any look!


These are our new fashion colours 2024:


Our delicate seduction: peach is a multi-talent that cuts a perfect figure with both decent pastel shades and intense dark colours.


This vibrant colour is a real eye-catcher. Bold and self-confident, it can be combined with the colour red, for example. However, lime also makes a fashion statement with neutral, more muted colours.


The warm brown colour stands out with its impressive versatility. Whether worn with a cosy jumper or an evening dress, coconut adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit.


Passion fruit

Pure attraction! The intense purple shade is powerful and strong and unfolds its special potential in combination with patterns, pastel shades, but also intense colours such as red or green.

With their delicate transparency and light gloss, memory compression stockings combine a fashionable look with optimum effectiveness. They help with vein problems and are available as standard and customised products. Memory is available in compression classes 1 and 2.

Memory Modefarben 2024
The nurturing compression

Nothing represents natural moisture better than aloe vera as the plant's extracts ensure a feel-good experience on the skin. Our Memory Aloe Vera compression stockings are not only nurturing but also convince with their elegant and feminine look and are available in all Memory colours.

Memory Aloe Vera Kompressionsstrumpf mit Hautpflege