Test your risk of venous disease

This short but informative self-test gives you an indication as to whether you are susceptible to venous problems and what you should do about it.

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Congratulations! Your legs are top fit. The risk of suffering venous problems is verly low in your case. Keep it up! Here you find tips and tricks to keep your legs in good shape in the future. Always remember: Prevention is important! Especially on long journeys you should provide your legs with necessary support and thus prevent possible travel thrombosis - with Gilofa 2000 the comfortable travel stocking.

You belong to the majority of people who have a higher risk of developing venous disease. That is not a problem as long as you do something to keep your veins in good health. Here you find useful tips for healthy veins. Should there be an increase in problems affecting your legs, please visit your General Practitioner or a Phlebologist (vein specialist).

The result indicates the presence of venous disease. However, your legs can be helped. We recommend you visit a vein specialist (Phlebologist) as soon as possible to discuss further measures and treatment. The best known treatment procedure is compression therapy. Moreover, do yourself and your legs some good with regular vein exercises. Here you find useful tips to keep your veins in good health.