Into a greener future with a green approach

Our aspiration

We care about our environment

As a manufacturer of medical accessories, the efficacy of our products is paramount as we deeply care for the health of others. Equally, we feel very strongly about protecting our environment and its resources. That is why we’ve been working hard to transition to an environmentally friendly production – be it by introducing energy-saving measures or optimising the production processes within the company. We have made it our mission to act sustainably across all areas.

We’re sure of one thing: there’s a lot to do. It’s a long path to a better and greener world. We’ve already taken the first few steps – and we will be taking many more to come.

‘Our future will be whatever we make of it. That’s why we’d rather participate in shaping it.’

Rainer Kliewe, CEO of Ofa Bamberg GmbH

Our endeavour

Sustainability and protecting the environment concern us all

What have compression stockings, bandages and orthoses got to do with sustainability? Turns out: quite a lot! For a few years now, not only our medical know-how but also our sustainable thinking has been deeply rooted in our company values. We regard sustainability as a challenge with many faces which we tackle together at various different levels. For this to be successful, we decided to promote a responsible, sustainable approach in the ecological, economical and social areas of our business. It’s an important step for us, our employees and, most importantly, our planet.

Our contribution to the environment

The goal of ecological sustainability is to preserve nature and the environment for future generations – along with all its precious resources. For this reason, our company strives to use water, energy and other valuable resources carefully. What does this mean exactly? Environmentally friendly production methods and packaging materials, less plastic waste, a fair carbon offset and a higher recycling rate.  


Our goal in terms of ecological sustainability is to achieve a recycling rate of more than 70% for our production waste and packaging.

Less CO2

Compared to the value from 2019, we will be reducing our CO2 emissions by 30-50% by 2030.

We’re setting an example! For the cooperation with the initiative ‘Plant for the Planet’, our CEO Rainer Kliewe planted a tree on our business premises as a symbolic token.

Our sustainable compression stocking shows its eco-friendliness in both the production and dyeing processes. It goes without saying that we also save natural resources and limit our CO2 emissions in the process.

We’re also really passionate about electromobility. At Ofa Bamberg GmbH, we’re gradually making a switch to electric vehicles and hybrid models in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

To offset the CO2 emissions of our corporate fleet further, we purchase emission reduction certificates. With every certificate, we support climate protection projects.

A second life

Even the everyday office supplies can’t escape our sustainable revolution. One example: our Ofa Bamberg ballpoint pens are made of recycled plastic bottles.

Recycled paper is the most environmentally friendly paper by far as it protects natural resources. That’s why we use recycled paper more and more internally as well as externally.

Goodbye, bubble wrap! We also want to do without plastic in the packaging of our products as much as possible. We therefore use filling material made of recycled cardboard.

When patients begin their compression therapy, they can receive these little starter sets. For their packaging, we are transitioning from bags made out of plastic wraps to recycled cardboard.

We want to give used paper a second life, so we print advertising materials like brochures, flyers and instruction manuals onto certified recycled paper.

Our sustainable approach also reaches into the stocking production. Empty bobbins are sent back to the supplier so they can be reused.

Those dated coffee machines with their disposable cups are long gone. We have replaced plastic cups for hot drinks with fancy porcelain cups.


The concept ‘think before you print’ is a top priority for us. Most documents and invoices aren’t printed and then sent off via post but are delivered digitally instead.

Even our bookkeeping is done sustainably. When processing invoices, we use digital software wherever possible in order to save paper and protect the environment.


We want to use renewable energy sources for our company. We are therefore gradually switching to emission-free ‘green electricity’.

Our contribution to the economy

Economic sustainability means that commercial success may not be achieved at the expense of the environment and our society. That’s why we strive to promote the further development of our employees’ knowledge, fair actions and the protection of our environment every single day. We choose our business partners according to sustainability factors, we put great importance on quality management and promote a healthy work-life balance for all our employees.


Our goal in terms of economical sustainability is to remain commercially successful while also putting an even higher emphasis on our employees and the protection of the environment.


‘Made in Germany’ has always been important to us. Almost 90% of our products are produced at our German sites which means that our supply chains and transport routes are shorter.


As a company, we commit to principles of conduct derived from our responsibility towards our customers, business partners as well as our employees.

We are part of INDUS Holding AG which is geared towards sustainability and acts according to their conviction that sustainable action creates competitive advantages, increases the corporate value and strengthens the business culture.

Future at Ofa

To us, promoting employees in a responsible manner is part and parcel of sustainable business management. Ofa Bamberg trains young employees and offers permanent positions as well as long-term prospects for internal development.


Our contribution to humanity

Social sustainability puts the human at centre stage – and that’s exactly what our company does, too. The wellbeing of our employees is the focus of our actions, because ultimately, a happy employee makes for a happy customer. At the same time, we live by solidarity and diversity. At Ofa Bamberg, we want to do our bit to create a more pleasant and fair business world by realising the vision that all employees deserve the same chances. 


Our goal in terms of social sustainability is to do our part to contribute to a future-oriented society through equal opportunities, tolerance and family friendliness.

Satisfied employees

We provide health-promoting offers to our employees and thereby increase the general wellbeing at the workplace.

All employees receive free water and hot drinks. To enjoy these, we provide reusable bottles and mugs.

Our feedback box offers all employees the ability to openly voice suggestions and wishes to our company’s management.

Equal treatment of employees

The wellbeing of our employees is at the heart of our actions. That’s why we pursue solidarity and diversity at all times.

Financial equality: wages are established based on work duties and qualifications – someone’s gender does not play a role in this.

Social commitment

Doing good for humanity – at Ofa Bamberg GmbH, we’re dedicated to this commitment. We live by this principle by donating to charitable organisations and initiatives every year.

‘To me, sustainability means to take responsibility – for my own actions as well as the actions of my family and the Ofa family.’

Rainer Kliewe, CEO of Ofa Bamberg GmbH