Or: how we treat one another respectfully in our everyday work lives

Appreciation is more than just a reward or praise – it’s all about regarding a person as an individual and not just seeing them as a commodity. This appreciative attitude is maintained regardless of the person’s actions, performance, age or status. 
We made it our goal to further strengthen this principle within our company and to live by it every day. We regard appreciation as a concept that is rooted in respect, kindness and consideration. It’s a consciously chosen mindset that puts the wellbeing of an individual into the spotlight. These pillars of honesty, respect and kindness are the foundation of what we understand to be true appreciation of the individual.

Some of our principles of appreciation are:

Fair wages

With the goal in mind to distribute wages in an even fairer manner, we have uniform principles that govern our salary distribution. This means: if you do the same job with the same experience or qualification as another person, you also get a similar salary as them. Our principles allow for objectivity and transparency, but most importantly, they guarantee a fair and respectful distribution of salaries. At the same time, they allow for prospective and personal development opportunities.

Health@ofa: health management at Ofa Bamberg GmbH

As a corporate group, Ofa stands for more than just 90 years of passion for health. This not only applies to our products but also to the health of our entire workforce. That’s why our employees benefit from various health promotion offers. We recognise that ultimately, a healthy workplace starts with a healthy individual! To achieve this, we’ve introduced a variety of measures to support us in promoting conscious everyday life choices and to strengthen our health resources:

  • Promoting exercise
  • Stress management
  • A healthy diet
  • Enjoying alcohol, nicotine and treats in moderation
  • Health care


Das Gesundheitsmanagement der Ofa Bamberg GmbH

Making Ofa a more attractive employer

Thanks to our work at Ofa Bamberg GmbH, we help others to become – and also to remain – healthier. Meaningful work ultimately makes you happy. But that’s not all! Surveys and awards like ‘Top Job’ show that we love working in the One Ofa family and very strongly identify with the company and its values. One of the reasons is our many benefits.