Good Ideas for your health

Good Ideas for your health: to support you in this, we are constantly working on innovations and developing products that convince on account of their real additional benefits. This is not only confirmed by satisfied customers but also by renowned awards for Ofa product design.


Innovation is our tradition

Our product development department has developed, produced and distributed with success for more than 85 years medical compression stockings, health socks and orthopaedic supports. Already at a time when the company’s founder Otto Fankhänel still made the first back support personally by hand, production know-how and innovativeness were our recipe for success.

Ofa developers are working constantly on setting new standards in efficacy, comfort and design. As pioneers in the use of modern materials, such as microfibers, we signaled the end of the classical “rubber stocking”. And also the first medical compression stocking with modern lace grip top was an Ofa innovation.


Intelligent products – three successful examples

Dynamics Plus knee support
Dynamics Plus knee support

+ Dynamics Plus – Intelligent support to be soon back on top again

For quick-relief therapy as well as a preventive measure in sports or at work, the Dynamics Plus knee support is the perfect companion.

+ Pressure reducing edges

The high stretch capability of the linked edges ensures a soft transition from the support to the skin without pinching or constriction.

+ Award-winning design

Received the Red Dot Award 2014: The organic honeycomb design fuses form and function into one harmonious unit.

+ Patented Arthroflex® comfort zone

The extremely thin, highly elastic Arthroflex® knitted fabric fits closely to the sensitive hollow of the knee like a second skin.

+ Innovative Plus pad

The Plus pad ensures due to its special form an enhanced massage effect round the kneecap and improves proprioception.



Lastofa Forte –Strong and yet very soft 

Lastofa Forte offers a new, unique compression quality. The innovative material composition is particularly inventive. In addition to the elastic fibres needed for compression, Lastofa Forte is mostly made up of merino wool.

Merino wool is a "natural high-performance fibre". It cools in summer and warms in winter, and lets the skin breathe thanks to natural air pads in the wool fibres. It is therefore increasingly replacing synthetic yarns in modern functional clothing. Because merino sheep live in the high mountains under extreme weather conditions, the wool fibres are highly robust. In contrast to common wool, the merino fibres feel pleasantly soft on the skin due to the particularly fine hair structure.

The core of the yarn is formed by the Lycra thread for compression. It is surrounded by a coil of finest merino wool. The outer layer is made of a soft microfiber. The combination of all these components is responsible for the extraordinary wearing comfort.



Lastofa Forte with Merino wool
Lastofa Forte with Merino wool
string innovation memory

The Memory Care Concept with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Anybody who has problems with their veins often also suffers from dry skin. Insufficient blood circulation, a deficiency of nutrients and the medically required tight fit of the compression stockings result in an increase in the skin’s need for moisture.

We have the solution: Compression stockings with skin care Memory Aloe Vera combines an elegant look with optimal care. The combination of Aloe Vera extracts and vitamin E is integrated into the yarn and supplies the skin with natural moisture every time the stockings are worn. Skin care promoting substances are dispensed in a controlled manner and their effect lasts for more than 100 washings.

This is how Memory Aloe Vera works

Memory Aloe Vera contains a combination of organically grown Aloe Vera extracts and Vitamin E directly integrated into the yarn by means of an elaborate process. This ensures the skin is continuously supplied with moisture. Irritation subsides and it combats dehydration of the skin.

The combination of agents is present in so-called microcapsules. They are worked into the yarn during the manufacturing process. The yarn releases the skin care agents on skin contact through the innumerable apertures.