Ofa 365 Fine

Wellness fine stockings in 70 and 140 den

Ofa 365 fine stockings are the wellness stockings in fine stocking look for everyday use. Whether it's for the office, to go shopping in your spare time or for an evening in the theater: The wellness stockings match every wardrobe and look especially elegant because of their transparent design.

They have a beautiful transparent finish in 70 and 140 den.

Energy boost for your legs

Ofa 365 fine stockings are available as knee-length socks as well as hold-ups or tights. As a result, the wellness stockings in a fine stocking look offer a choice for every taste. The four classic colors complete the range.

The knee socks are available in three sizes, based on shoe sizes from 35 to 43. The Ofa 365 fine hold-ups and tights are available in seven sizes, which are selected according to the garment size.


The sizes




The colors

Available in 4 different colors, the Ofa 365 fine stockings are ideal for different skin tones and a stylish appearance in black.

Blackberry 70 den

Blackberry 140 den

Macadamia 70 den

Almond 70 den

Hazelnut 70 den

Knee stockings 140 den

Stay-ups 140 den

  • Macadamia
  • Almond
  • Hazelnut
  • Blackberry

From revitalization to therapy

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Ofa 365
Revitalizing stockings for everyday use

Ofa 365 are the revitalizing stockings for everyday use.
They provide more energy and healthy legs. The size is determined by the shoe size and standard size.


Compressing vital and travel stockings

Gilofa products promote blood circulation and offer an optimal fit because of the fact that the sizes are determined by the individual leg measurements. The compressing vital and travel stockings are the perfect everyday companion.  


The elegant medical compression

Memory compression stockings were developed for today's fashion-conscious woman. With a slight transparency and delicate shine, they are used for venous disorders. Memory combines medical effectiveness with fashionable elegance.


The universal medical compression

Lastofa is the all-rounder. The modern stocking suitable for everyday use
guarantees a secure fit in many versions. Lastofa offers highest medical effectiveness and is the ideal care for men and women.


The right care for a long product life

  • The product is suitable for immediate use. Our recommendation: Wash before the first use. Afterwards, wash daily by hand or in the gentle cycle of your machine, turned inside out.
  • Ensure regular foot care and proper footwear.
  • Wash the stockings separately, preferably in a laundry net, as bright colors can bleed out during the first few wash cycles.
  • Wash the stockings separately with mild detergent without softeners (e.g. Ofa Clean special detergent ) at a maximum temperature of 30° C and rinse thoroughly.
  • The stockings can be spun gently, but please do not wring them out.
  • Dry your compression stockings in the air or in the gentle cycle of your dryer, but do not place them on the radiator or in direct sunlight and do not iron them.
  • To maintain the functionality of the stockings, please do not use chemical detergents, bleach, benzine or fabric softener
  • Support stockings are largely insensitive to fats and oils, but should not come into contact with ointments.
  • Store the stockings dry and protected from sun and heat, if possible in their original packaging.