lastofa forte

The first flat-knitted compression with merino wool


Lastofa Forte is used specifically to treat edema, scars or burns. The remarkable feature of this product: For the first time, merino wool is now being used. Lastofa is strong and at the same time very soft. Thanks to the skin-friendly and anti-odour yarn combination, Lastofa Forte also helps to regulate temperature and moisture.

Lastofa Forte is available for the upper extremities in compression classes 1 to 3 and for the lower extremities in compression classes 1 to 4.

Instructions for use

Lastofa Forte neue Farben

New fashion colours

For more individuality.

Two new colours have been added to the Lastofa Forte range: Sky Blue and Grape are available for all compression garments as of October 2023. The new colours have been created to make it easier for you to wear your compression garments on a daily basis and to integrate them into your everyday life as best as possible

Discover the new colours



Lastofa Forte with Heart

Because it depends on you. Always.

Lastofa Forte with merino wool is now available with a small heart on request – to help remind you how important you and your needs really are. We would like to encourage you to be consistent with your therapy and to shape your life in a more independent way. Below the wrist, at the end of the arm stocking or between the ball and heel in the foot area, the small therapy tool is just for you.

Lastofa Forte mit Herz
Lastofa Forte offers maximum freedom of movement.

High flexibility

Ballet, cross-legged or splits? Sure.

Lastofa Forte offers maximum freedom of movement. Due to its special yarn construction, the material is especially soft. Its longitudinal elasticity makes it flexible and adapts perfectly to the body with every movement. Because the material is not cross-elastic, it always maintains its fit without any pressure or pinching. This means that the stockings do not have any visually noticeable functional zones, even around sensitive areas such as the knee or elbow. Lastofa Forte always ensures constant compression and a high working pressure applied over a large area.

Climate control

Cool in summer – warm in winter? Sure.

Merino wool fibres have the finest air cushions that store body heat. Thus the merino wool keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer.
Even in humid weather, merino wool can unfold its warming properties. Just as merino wool stops body heat from escaping, it also protects the body from heat from outside. As a result, you sweat less. In addition, it has an odour-repellent and dirt-repellent effect.

Merinofasern bilden eine natürliche Isolationsschicht.
Lastofa Forte bietet immer die richtige Passform.

Optimal fit

Designs for every demand? Sure.

Custom-fit elevation where it is necessary:
Special designs such as a lateral elevation or an upper leg elevation not only offer an optimal fit and pressure distribution, but also increase the comfort. For special needs, such as those of patients in wheelchairs, for example, it is possible to knit in at the ankle to optimize the fit and prevent wrinkling.

Smooth finish

Easy to put on and take off? Sure.

Lastofa Forte glides easily over the skin when you put it on. This means that the stockings are very easy to slip on even when the skin is still damp. In addition, outerwear such as trousers, blouses, etc. glide easily over the stockings. By the way: Even taking off the flat-knitted compression every day is easier with Lastofa Forte.

Lastofa Forte schmiegt sich wie von selbst an den Körper.
Whether with or without a decorative seam, you are always well dressed.

Ultra flat seams

Strikingly unobtrusive? Sure.

Flat-knitted compression has a noticeable feature. The knitted fabric must be closed with a longitudinal seam to the stocking. One thing is very important here: a flat seam that is not bulky and does not cause pressure marks. With Lastofa Forte, the longitudinal seam is very flat on the inside. A textile band on the outside of the seam provides additional stability. If you like, you can use the seam as an appealing eye-catcher - with elegant accents in crocodile, bronze, silver or ruby.

Sensual and self-determined: The new Lastofa Forte fashion colours

All Lastofa Forte compression stockings and tights will be available in the fashion colours sky blue and grape from October 2023.The new colours have been created to make it easier for you to wear your compression garments on a daily basis and to integrate them into your everyday life as best as possible.

Sky blue is a bright and friendly colour. The shade appeals to the feeling of freedom and stands for boundless expanse. The powerful fashion colour grape is inspired by one of the oldest cultivated plants of the humanity. Its fruit scores with antioxidant substances, important vitamins and minerals and is a real superfood in oedema therapy due to its circulation-promoting effect.


The new colours (decorative stitching in silver optional):

Lastofa Forte Modefarben Himmelblau und Traube
  • Sky blue
  • Grape

The colour palette: Natural from snow to lava

Lastofa Forte focuses on being natural - and not only in regard to material composition. The eight colours are also inspired by nature.

Lastofa Forte takes you on a journey: to a wintry landscape, with the pure white colour called snow. Sunny types love sunset or sand, while autumn types prefer the darker tone of foliage. Earth and slate stand for durability, while lava is hot and fiery. The lush blue tone of the ocean represents the width and depth of the world's oceans.


The eight natural colours:

  • Snow
  • Sand
  • Foliage
  • Earth
  • Slate
  • Ocean
  • Lava
  • Sunset

Decorative gemstones for your individual way.


From April onwards, you can order one-piece Lastofa Forte leg supplies with decorative gemstones. They are attached from the middle of your thigh-highs to the ankle all around. You can choose from the standard colours earth, ocean, slate and lava.

A combination with the decorative seams is also possible. In this way, you can customise your compression supply with merino wool even more.

Decorative gemstones

Placement decorative gemstones

Decorative gemstones

Decorative gemstones

Decorative gemstones

Decorative gemstones


The Lastofa Forte decorative seams

With the additional option of a decorative seam, our Lastofa Forte stockings turn into a fashion statement that masterfully plays with the seam as an accessory. At the same time, the seam bands look very classy because they don't interfere with the actual outfit, but rather enhance it with a small but fine detail.

Of course, the stockings are also available without a decorative seam – the seam then has the same colour as the stocking as usual.


  • decorative seam python on slate
  • decorative seam python on lava


Python – A touch of the exotic

Take a break from the daily routine with Python, the extravagant decorative seam. In combination with slate or lava you can bring a touch of the exotic to your wardrobe. Worn with dresses or skirts in bold colours, the animal pattern skilfully draws attention yet the muted tones keep it discrete.

  • passionate and fiery - ruby
  • Decorative seam in ruby on lava


Ruby – sparkle in the night

Show off fiery strength, whether it be sporty or elegant. Ruby in combination with lava sets contrasting accents and impresses with a powerful glow. Choose the matching red tone for a particularly attractive look.


  • Decorative seam crocodile on sand
  • Decorative seam crocodile on foliage


Crocodile - dangerously beautiful

Impress with the dangerously stylish versatile crocodile, naturally matching your own skin tone in sand or foliage. You want to extend your claws? Then show off your wild side with bright, flashy colours. The irresistible duo croc and dark red, on the other hand, is a timeless classic.

  • Noble and majestic - bronze
  • Decorative seam bronze on earth


Bronze - enchanting accents

Add serenity to your day and shine with shimmering details. Bronze is both powerful and magical when combined with earth. Together with a bright green or mustard yellow you can show off your stockings in a sophisticated way.

  • Decorative seam silver on ocean
  • Decorative seam silver on slate


Silver - sparkling like stardust

Be a shining star in the night sky that brings light into the darkness. Combined with ocean, slate or lava, silver radiates mysterious elegance. Especially fitting in combination with night blue, black or anthracite. Silky, flowing fabrics flatter this accessory in a unique way.

  • Shimmering and elegant - silver
  • Decorative seam silver on lava

Individual solutions for you

With prescribable accessories, the flat-knitted restoration can be adapted to the individual circumstances and preferences of the patient. This way the therapeutic effect can be enhanced and the comfort of wearing can be increased.


Accessories for strong support and optimum pressure distribution

Adhesive tapes, sewn-in pieces of adhesive tape or adhesive foils provide additional support and prevent the device from slipping. In addition, various additives can be incorporated to increase or distribute pressure, such as pads or lymph pads. The tissue directly underneath the lymph pad is gently massaged using knobs of different sizes when the patient is moving. Lining materials, which can be attached to the inside of the fitting, reduce friction and stress on the joint in bending areas such as the knee, elbow or ankle.

Special designs for a perfect anatomical fit

Just as our body demands, a flat-knitted fitting can be equipped with a lateral elevation, for example. The stocking adapts itself ideally to the anatomical conditions, especially on the thigh or upper arm. This ensures the correct medical pressure profile.

In the event of wrinkles or constrictions, special indents can also be knitted into the elbows, knees or ankle joints. This also improves joint functionality.



For pressure enhancement and distribution


Lymph pads

Lymph pad


Lymph pad strong

Foam dilators

Ankle pad


Lateral elevation

Anatomical knee

Upper leg elevation

Foot shapes

Anatomic foot

Closed tip

90° heel

Open heel

Extra support

Adhesive tape

Pieces of adhesive tape

Elastic tape

Non-slip coating for gloves

Adhesive foil

Please contact your Ofa specialist dealer for further information on special designs and accessories.

Customized solutions

Every single flat-knitted compression fitting is manufactured on the basis of individual measurements and requirements. This way we can guarantee that Lastofa Forte has an ideal fit by means of many different designs. Even the most difficult parts of the body can be fitted with custom-made solutions that provide an optimal fit.


Individual leg and arm fittings

A wide range of different arm and leg stockings and pantyhoses can be produced to meet the most diverse needs and wishes.

Our tip: For easier and more comfortable dressing, we recommend a two-part fitting - consisting of a stocking and a trouser part, which are placed on top of each other. If desired, individual parts of the leg or arm can also be fitted with compression segments - whether socks, calf pieces or cuffs for the thigh or upper arm. The individual compression pieces are also available as residual limb fittings.


Zweiteilige Versorgung aus Beinstrumpf und Zehenkappe
Two-piece supply consisting of leg stocking and toe cap

Manual supplies

Gloves for Lastofa Forte can be made with open or closed fingers, without fingers and with or without thumb base. To facilitate putting them on in everyday life, the combination of an arm sock and a glove is recommended for arm fittings.


Foot fittings

For the comfort of your feet: Lastofa Forte can be manufactured with either an open or closed toe cap. Individual toe pieces are also available. Lastofa Forte toes are only provided in compression classes 1, 2 and 3.



Zweiteilige Versorgung aus Armstrumpf und Handschuh
Two-piece supply consisting of arm sock and glove



Leg supplies with foot

Knee sock

Leg supplies with foot

Thigh stocking

Leg supplies with foot


Leg stockings

Legging pants

Leg supplies with foot

Thigh stocking with hip fixation

Leg supplies with foot

Maternity pantyhose

Leg supplies with foot

Pantyhose for men

Leg supplies with foot

One leg pantyhose

Leg stockings

Capri pants

Leg stockings

Bermuda pants

Leg stockings

Cycling trousers

Leg stockings

Calf section

Arm and hand supplies

Glove with or without finger

Arm and hand supplies

Glove with thumb base

Arm and hand supplies

Glove without thumb base

Arm and hand supplies

Upper arm and forearm stocking

Foot supplies

Sock AB1

Foot supplies

Sock AB

Foot supplies

Toe section

Foot supplies

Toe cap



Grip tops for every taste

Whether plain and unobtrusive or very elegant for ladies in lace design: Lastofa grip tops complete the stocking perfectly.


Silicone grip top Fleur

The grip top impresses with its jacquard look and at the same time best breathability - especially suitable for sensitive skin. The nubs are hardly noticeable, as the silicone is only applied selectively.

Silicone grip top

Due to its good air circulation, the nubbed grip top is suitable for sensitive skin. The skin can breathe easily because the silicone is not applied continuously. This means that the flat nubs are hardly noticeable.

Rubber grip top

The rubber grip top is particularly suitable for people who value a strong hold or have a silicone intolerance. It is only in contact at certain points. Thanks to a special reinforcement it cannot flip over.

Why choose flat-knitted medical compression stockings?

Compared tocircular knitted medical compression stockings such as Memory, flat knitted stockings are ideal for treating edema, burns or scars. The pressure of flat knitted medical compression stockings works well below the skin. Due to the knitting technique they show a high material stability. They are therefore able to contain or at least maintain lymphedema. The built-in pressure curve directs the lymph fluid towards the centre of the body and into healthy lymph vessels.

Generally, the pressure is highest at the ankle. However, it is adjusted in the case of a flat-knitted fitting as soon as the foot is also affected by the edema. This prevents congestion or constriction. In order for flat-knitted compression stockings to work optimally, they are adjusted by trained specialists in the medical supply store.


Strong and yet very soft

Flat knitted stockings are characterized by a high operating pressure. This is particularly important for edema patients because it greatly stimulates the activity of the lymph vessels.

Lastofa Forte is always produced according to individual patient measurements and thus ensures an optimal fit even under difficult anatomical conditions. The unique yarn construction made of merino wool and microfibre is particularly skin-friendly. Extra flat seams prevent pressure points.

  • Lymphedema stage 2
  • Compression stocking on leg

Merino wool - the natural high-tech fibre

Merino sheep live in areas with extreme weather conditions: heat during the day and low temperatures at night. Their fur protects them from these conditions. This is because the wool fibres have air cushions that serve as insulation.

Merino wool not only regulates the climate and is breathable, but is also resistant and particularly durable.

Why is merino wool not itchy? Because merino sheep have to compensate for large temperature changes, their merino wool fibres are finer - unlike ordinary wool fibres. Merino fibres are much thinner than human hair, but stronger. This makes Lastofa Forte particularly durable and strong and at the same time pleasantly soft.

This unique design

  • is particularly skin-friendly
  • is moisture-regulating
  • cools in summer
  • warms in winter
  • prevents the development of odours
  • ensures high wearing comfort
  • is robust and durable
  • offers high, flat operating pressure
Die Wolle der Merinoschafe hat besondere Eigenschaften.
The wool of the merino sheep has special features.

This might also be of interest to you:

Easy to put on

Little helpers in everyday life don't make putting on compression stockings and pants a daily struggle in the morning, but let you slip into your stocking and day without any problems. That's why we have developed many practical tools to make your everyday life easier and simplify the handling of your compression stockings.

Because your comfort is important to us


The correct way to handle compression stockings

  • The product is suitable for immediate use. Our recommendation: Wash before the first use. Afterwards, wash daily by hand or in the gentle cycle of your machine, turned inside out.
  • Wash the stockings separately with mild detergent without softeners (e.g.Ofa Clean special detergent) at a maximum temperature of 40° C and rinse thoroughly.
  • The stockings can be spun gently, but please do not wring them out.
  • Dry your compression stockings in the air or in the gentle cycle of your dryer, but do not place them on the radiator or in direct sunlight and do not iron them.
  • To maintain the functionality of the stockings, please do not use chemical detergents, bleach, benzine or fabric softener
  • Compression stockings are largely insensitive to fats and oils, but should not come into contact with ointments.
  • Stockings with silicone-coated adhesive tapes should generally not come into contact with solvents, ointments, re-greasing washing lotions and body creams. Otherwise their adhesion may be permanently impaired.
  • Store the stockings dry and protected from sun and heat, if possible in their original packaging.