ofa fit flexi

Flexible pull-on and take-off aid


Ofa Fit Flexi is an aid for putting on and taking off compression stockings, made of tear-proof canvas. The high-quality, particularly smooth material, makes it easy and quick to slide the compression stocking over the foot. The pull-on aid is easy to use, ultra-light in weight and can be folded to handbag size; therefore, it is ideal for on the road.


Simplify putting on or taking off your compression stockings with Ofa Fit Flexi

Start the day with a smile. The Ofa Bamberg donning aids allow you to glide into your compression stockings effortlessly and with ease. Ofa Fit Flexi fits into any handbag and is ideal when out and about.


At a glance:

  • suitable for all compression stockings and pantyhose
  • ideal when out and about
  • thin, tear-resistant and smoot canvas material
  • ultra light and can be folded down to fit into a handbag
  • simple to use
  • easy to clean and wash
  • can be prescribed by a physician
dressing support ofa fit flexi
Ofa Fit Flexi

The donning aid is made from an extremely light and tear-resistant material as also used in sailing. The high quality material is particularly smooth and allows the compression stocking to glide with ease and speed over the foot.

Watch our video and find out how to use the Ofa Fit Flexi.

Useful information for an easy start in the day:

  • Special gloves from Ofa Bamberg provide a secure grip and protect the knitted fabric
  • It is best to put on your compression stockings the moment you get up in the morning while your legs are free from any swelling
  • Clean your Ofa Fit Flexi now and then with a damp cloth
  • Do not wash in water that is too hot as the smooth surface areas might be damaged
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing and flat, comfortable shoes
  • Walk as often as possible, also bare-footed
  • Treat yourself morning and night to an invigorating cool leg shower
  • Move your feet and legs when sitting or standing for longer periods of time