Living with Bone Deterioration

Osteoporosis refers to a type of condition in which the body attacks itself from the inside out – during this process, bone structures are destroyed. This condition is most common in women after the onset of menopause, but children can also be affected. For this reason, it is presumed that it is strongly related to the hormone balance in the body. When suffering from this condition, people develop antibodies which (in most cases) break down bone structures. However, in rare cases, the reverse can happen, where bone mass is formed as opposed to destroyed.

Osteoporosis can be fatal in severe cases: If, for example, bone structures around the rib cage break down, this can cause breathing difficulties. Bones also become more and more susceptible to fractures and can literally collapse in on themselves. As a result, there is a high risk of injury with this condition, and so it is vital that treatment starts as early as possible. Doing exercise outside in the fresh air can especially help to maintain bone health. A high intake of calcium is also recommended to strengthen the bones. These measures combat bone deterioration and ensure that bone structures can survive for longer.

A woman sits on a bed in pain.
Osteoporosis is common in women after menopause.




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