Perfectly Sleek & Sophisticated: Gilofa Fine

3 in 1: Gilofa Fine offers you three main features


Gilofa Fine has been a part of the popular Gilofa range of preventative healthcare products for many years. With the brand relaunch, Gilofa Fine has been optimised and more great features have been added.

These compression stockings now have three main features:

  • Material composition which prevents dry skin
  • Compression effect
  • Smooth appearance


Gilofa Fine is our highlight in the area of compressive health and travel stockings – Come and see for yourself!

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From Oil to Skincare

The highlight of the Gilofa Fine range is the innovative material composition: Moisturising oils ensure extra care at every step of the way.

Dry legs are an everyday struggle for many women. The skin feels uncomfortable and itchy – as a result, you feel a constant need to apply cream in order to soothe it. Gilofa Fine benefits from its in-built soothing effects which make wearing preventative stockings more pleasant.

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Almond + Rose = Care

The innovative material composition consisting of almond and rose oil nourishes the skin while wearing these stockings and ensures a pleasant experience. The nourishing oils provide dry skin with moisture and thereby prevent dryness and itching. A comfortable wearing experience encourages regular use and therefore helps to support the veins in the legs. An additional benefit of these moisturising oils is the improved suppleness and strength of the skin.











How the Nourishment is Infused in the Yarn

Gilofa Fine nourishes your skin directly, simply by wearing it. Moisturising oils are directly incorporated into the textile material. These oils are located in tiny micro-capsules which are delicately worked into the yarn so that they are invisible to the naked eye. As these micro-capsules are not only applied to the surface, the nourishing substances are distributed continuously throughout the entire lifespan of the compression stockings. This way, the skin can benefit from the skincare for a long time – essentially, every time you wear the stockings. This feature also ensures comfortable wearing and makes Gilofa Fine a nourishing must-have in the prevention of dry legs.





Nourishing Oils for Feel-Good Moments

Rose oil is ideal for skincare as it takes well to all skin types. It is particularly nourishing for dry, sensitive and mature skin due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids.

Micro-capsules are incorporated in the manufacture of the yarn, providing the skin with natural moisture when wearing these compression stockings.

Almond oil is already used in various cosmetic products as it is an ideal product for skincare. It is a very mild oil and thus especially well suited for dry and sensitive skin.










Fine Knit – Great Impact

Gilofa Fine is the ideal choice for healthy prevention of vein problems in women. Thankfully, the finely knitted material does not come at the expense of the health benefits. In addition to the innovative and moisturising skincare, these compression stockings also provide an ideal distribution of pressure which supports the veins and the blood flow back to the heart.


Finding the Right Size

One advantage found across the entire Gilofa Range is the new determination of sizes. We have reviewed our sizing and now, the stockings are measured at different points along the leg. This means that they are even more specifically tailored to your individual leg size which ensures that the stockings are an ideal fit. This guarantees the vital support of the veins in the calf muscles that is needed when sitting or standing for long periods of time. Gilofa Fine offers you just that.










A Fine Finish

In addition to the nourishing materials of the compression stockings and an optimum effect on the veins, Gilofa Fine also offers a third beneficial feature: a feminine look with a variety of options.

The sophisticated transparent look is a fashionable eye-catcher that fits perfectly in any modern as well as elegant wardrobe. Thanks to its range of five colours, Gilofa Fine is the perfect choice for everyday life, shopping trips or a night out. With Sesame, Cumin, Cornflower, Juniper and Pepper, you can enjoy different stylish options to suit your personal taste.


As Unique as You are

There is by no means a lack of choice when it comes to the various designs of these compression stockings. They boast a smoothly knitted fabric in three different designs: Knee-High Stockings with a comfortable top band, Hold-Up Stockings with a new sensitive adhesive band and Tights with an attractive Slip panty part. With these benefits, Gilofa Fine meets the needs of every woman.