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The elegant sporty travel socks


Long-distance flights or long car and train rides can become a burden for the legs. After sitting for hours and too less movement, the blood flow will be handicapped. This may even increase the risk of thrombosis. Therefore, we added Gilofa Travel to our popular Gilofa Line: The elegant sporty travel socks are available in five colours and in four foot lengths.





Long-haul flights as well as long car or train journeys can be a severe strain on the legs. Sitting for hours on end slows down blood circulation and may increase the risk of thrombosis. Reduced air pressure and low air humidity inside the plane are further risk factors.

The graded level of compression of Gilofa Travel is reduced from the ankle upwards, thus supporting blood return, helping to combat leg swelling and preventing travel thrombosis. A correct fit is crucial for achieving the optimal effect of the socks. The right size of Gilofa Travel is therefore based on individual circumference and foot length measurements.


Support stockings

Support stockings must not be confused with compression stockings either. These are only suitable for people with healthy veins to guard against tired, heavy legs after long periods of standing or sitting, although they are also effective against traveller‘s thrombosis. As a prophylactic measure these products are not reimbursed by statutory health insurers, and cannot replace compression stockings for people with pre-existing venous disease.

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All advantages of Gilofa Travel at one glance

  • More wearing comfort due to a lightly cushioned sole
  • Special yarns for a better moisture balance, which causes an agreeable climate in the foot area and prevents foot odour
  • An optimal fit due to the determination of circumference c and b in combination with the right shoe size
  • Noticeable compression on the lines of Ccl. 1 but nevertheless easy to put on and with a smooth grip
  • No cutting in of the comfort band


The sizes

Two measure points are important for Gilofa TravelMeasuring points



  S M L XL
c 30 – 36 34 – 41 39 – 47 43 – 51
b 19 – 21 21,1 – 24 24,1 – 27 27,1 – 31


Shoe sizes:

EU 35 – 38 39 – 42 43 – 46 47 – 50
UK 2,5 – 5 5,5 – 8,5 9 – 11,5 12 – 15
US m 3,5 – 6 6,5 – 9,5 10 – 12,5 13 – 16
US f 4,5 – 7 7,5 – 10,5 11 – 13,5 14 – 17



The colours


Gilofa Travel

  • sand
  • navy
  • graphite
  • black


Material composition

Polyamide  84 %
Elastane  16 %


The right way to wash support stockings

  • The product is suitable for immediate use. Our recommendation: wash before wearing for the first time.
  • Wash every day (max. 30°C) and inside out.
  • With commercial mild detergent (particularly suitable for compression stockings is Ofa clean special detergent), don´t use fabric softener.
  • Rinse well, but don´t rub or wring.
  • Air dry on a towel or in a tumbler dryer (delicates programme), never iron or dry on a radiator.
  • Store in dry place, protect against direct sun.
  • Avoid stockings with silicone coated grip tops being in contact with solvents, creams and moisturising liquid soap, as the adhesiveness can be badly affected.
  • Maintain regular foot care and wear sensible footwear.
  • Pilling is normal with textiles and no grounds for complaint.
  • Never repair stockings yourself but return the damaged stocking to the specialist dealer the stocking was bought from.
compression stocking care instructions