Dynamics Plus knee support

An intelligent type of orthopaedic treatment


Our Dynamics Plus bandage reliably supports your knee joint using compression. The Plus-Pelotte silicone padding has extended sections towards the thigh and shin, which increases the massage effect around the kneecap. For optimal comfort, an extremely thin and highly elastic Arthroflex® comfort zone has been integrated into the sensitive area that is the hollow of the knee. 


Item No.: 44 7121


Arthroflex® comfort zone

In order to protect the particularly sensitive hollow of the knee, we integrate a highly elastic Arthroflex® comfort zone into our Dynamics Plus knee support. Thanks to its special, patented wafer-thin fabric, this comfort zone hugs the area like a second skin. This prevents the formation of unpleasant creases in the bend of the joint – even when you’re moving frequently.


Elastic fabric edge

For additional comfort, the edges of the Dynamics Plus knee support are knitted in a way to reduce pressure and allows for natural elasticity. With their flat construction and high elasticity, they sit gently on the skin rather than cutting into it. 


Latex-free, knitted microfibre fabric

The base material of our Dynamics Plus knee support is crafted from functional yarn made of microfibre. It guarantees excellent moisture management, while the open, cellular microstructure of the knit fabric ensures optimal breathability. As an additional benefit for people with allergies, the yarn doesn’t contain any latex.


Silicone padding with massage effect

The silicone padding is tightly integrated into the bandage where it’s heat-sealed into the fabric. It securely fixes the kneecap in place and distributes the pressure evenly. It has extended sections towards the thigh which are nubbed. These stimulate the tendon insertions of the quadriceps, ensuring improved stabilisation of the knee. Together with the extended sections on the shin, they also strengthen the area around the kneecap. The silicone ring extends widely with every bending movement to promote a healthy blood flow and speed up the reduction of swelling.

Product highlights


The Dynamics Plus knee support is suited for the treatment of the following indications:

  • cartilage disease in the knee (Chondromalacia patellae)
  • contusions and sprains (torn ligament)
  • meniscus injuries
  • changes due to wear (degeneration), such as arthritis or arthrosis
  • after knee surgery



In the following cases, you should consult your doctor before using this product:

  • skin disease or damaged skin in the contact area with the product, especially when experiencing signs of inflammation, such as redness, heat or swelling
  • sensory disturbances or circulatory disorders in the contact area
  • lymphatic dysfunction and swelling that cannot be clearly identified

Sizing system

To establish the right size for your knee support, please measure the circumference of your leg above (f) and below (d) the knee. To ensure an optimal fit for all body types, we also have plus sizes available to fit a wider circumference of the thigh. 

Sizes f (cm) d (cm)
1* 33 – 37 26 – 29
2 37 – 41 29 – 33
3 41 – 45 33 – 37
3+ 45 – 49 33 – 37
4 45 – 49 37 – 41
4+ 49 – 53 37 – 41
5 49 – 53 41 – 45
5+ 53 – 57 41 – 45
6 53 – 57 45 – 49
6+ 57 – 61 45 – 49
7 57 – 61 49 – 53
7+ 61 – 65 49 – 53

* Also suitable for children


  • Take your measurements on a slightly bent knee

Colours and designs

Our Dynamics Plus knee support is available in an elegant carbon colour as well as a fresh silver and a subtle bronze. It can be used on both the left and the right knee. 

  • Carbon
  • Silver
  • Bronze

How to put on the knee support correctly

The correct fit of the Dynamics Plus knee support is vital for optimal effectiveness.

This image shows you how to put on the knee support correctly:

  • When putting on the knee support, please note the bandage gets tighter towards the bottom. With this in mind, please pull it over the leg holding the wider end and with the silicone padding facing forward. The knee support will be in the correct position once the silicone ring surrounds the kneecap.


Good to know

  • Before the first usage, it is important for a trained medical/orthopaedic specialist to show you how to put on, adjust and use the product correctly and safely.
  • Wear the product directly on your skin. It may only be worn on undamaged skin. If it needs to be worn in combination with other products, please consult your doctor before doing so.
  • Unless prescribed otherwise, the product should be taken off during extended rest periods (when sleeping, for example).
  • Should you experience discomfort, severe pain or other complaints while wearing the product, please take it off and consult your doctor or specialist supplier.

How to look after your Dynamics Plus knee support

Please follow these care instructions when wearing and cleaning the product:

  • Please wash the bandage before the first usage and wash it regularly thereafter.
  • Wash the knee support separately in a laundry pouch for delicates and at a maximum of 30°C. Use a mild detergent without fabric softener (Ofa Clean special detergent, for example) and rinse the bandage well. It may be put on a gentle spin cycle, but please do not wring it out.
  • Form the knee support back into shape and air-dry it. Please do not dry the bandage in the tumble dryer, on the radiator or in direct sunlight. Please do not iron it. 
  • To maintain the quality of the product, do not use any chemical cleaning agents, bleach, petrol or fabric softeners.
  • Do not apply any greasy or acidic products, ointments or lotions onto the skin area that will come into contact with the bandage. These substances can damage the knee support’s material.
  • Store the bandage in a dry place, away from sunlight and heat – ideally in its original packaging. Please dispose of the bandage in line with local regulations.