Dynamics Plus Lumbar Support

The intelligent orthopaedic care

The Dynamics Plus Lumbar Support offers support in the case of discomfort in the lumbar region. Due to its compressing effect, it promotes a more upright posture and thus helps to relieve pain. The Plus pad (silicone pad) stimulates the blood circulation around the lumbar spine. The fastener is individually adaptable to the body shape, whereas two thin, highly elastic Arthroflex® comfort zones in the area of the hip bones ensure a high wearing comfort.


Item No. 44 6041

Precise massage

The Plus pad with anatomically shaped massage nubs systematically stimulates the flat back muscles.


Unisex fit

The patented fastener with individually adjustable angle allows adaptation to a wide variety of body shapes with only one design.


Easy positioning

Thanks to the integrated Arthroflex® zones at the level of the hip bones, the position of the support can be checked quickly and easily.


High wearing comfort

Breathable, latex-free microfibre knitting and the pressure-reduced border ensure a comfortable fit.


Maximum freedom of movement

Due to its low height, the bandage specifically supports the lumbar spine – adjacent joint areas remain free.



  • acute and chronic pain in the lumbar and sacral regions of the spine
  • lumbago
  • degenerative changes to the lumbar spine



In the following cases you should consult your doctor before using the product:

  • skin conditions or injuries in the area of application, particularly where signs of inflammation such as redness, heating or
    swelling are present
  • feelings of numbness and circulatory problems in the area of application
  • problems with lymphatic drainage as well as unexplained swelling

Size system

For the size determination of the Lumbar Support, the circumference of the waist is being measured.

Sizes Waist circumference (cm)
1 80 – 90
2 90 – 100
3 100 – 110
4 110 – 120
5 120 – 130
6 130 – 145
  • Measuring the waist circumference


Colours and versions

The Dynamics Plus Lumbar Support is available in a noble Carbon colour.

  • Carbon

Fitting instructions

  • Before you put on the support, open the Velcro closure and check the position of the pad. It should be placed with the tip facing downwards and can be Velcroed to the desired height on the inside of the support.
  • The support has a hand loop that makes it easier to put on and take off the support. The loop can be adjusted to the individual needs of right- or left-handed users so that their dominant hand opens and closes the support. First put your preferred hand through the loop, then place the support around your body.
  • Then put your second hand into the semicircular strap at the other end of the support and close the product in front of your stomach.
  • The support is fitted correctly when the two Arthroflex® zones are positioned at the level of your hip bones.

Please note

  • The initial fitting and positioning of the product as well as training in its proper, safe use should take place by trained medical/orthopaedic specialists.
  • Wear the product over a thin, close-fitting shirt. If it is to be worn in combination with other products, please discuss this with your doctor first.
  • Unless otherwise prescribed, the product should be removed during long periods of rest (e.g. when sleeping).
  • If you experience an unpleasant sensation, intense pain or other symptoms while wearing the product, remove it and contact your doctor or stockist.

Care instructions

  • The product should be washed before first use and regularly thereafter.
  • Remove the pad from the support before washing. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Close all Velcro closures and wash the product separately in a washing bag at not more than 30°C. Use mild-acting detergents without plasticisers (such as Ofa Clean special detergent) and rinse the product out thoroughly. The product can be spun gently, but please do not wring it out.
  • Mould the product into the right shape and let it air-dry. Do not dry the product in the dryer, on a radiator/heater or in direct sunlight, and never iron it.
  • In order to maintain the quality of your product, please do not use any chemical cleaning products, bleaches, petrol or fabric conditioners.
  • Do not apply any greasy or acidic products, ointments or lotions to the skin in the area of use. These substances may damage the material.
  • Store the product in a dry place and protected from sunlight and heat, preferably in the original packaging. Please dispose of the product according to local specifications after the end of use.
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