Say goodbye to cold feet

Why cold feet are not just a topic in autumn


Ein Fußbad hilft bei kalten Füßen
Cold feet – not only a topic in autumn

Men too can be affected by those typical "female" problems: cold feet. It has been repeatedly suggested that compression stockings are the cause for this phenomenon. However, "cold feet" can in most cases be attributed to bad blood circulation in the feet or legs. Such circulatory disorder can have different reasons.

  • Disease: Insufficient blood circulation is often caused by constricted blood vessels. Overweight, smoking, diabetes or lack of movement are considered risk factors for Peripheral Artery Occlusive Disease (PAOD). As a result, the legs affected are no longer supplied with blood. Should the legs cause pain, it is essential a physician is consulted.
  • External adverse effects: Blood circulation in the legs can be impaired by external factors, such as clothes being too tight. Close-fitting garments can cause disturbed blood flow, in rare cases even numbness. Also badly fitting support stockings or medical compression stockings can disturb blood circulation and lead to feet feeling cold. In this case a re-examination of whether the stockings have the correct fit is urgently required.
  • Medical compression too strong? With medical compression stockings also choosIng the correct compression class can be crucial. For persons who tend to suffer from cold feet, it might make sense to choose a lower compression class. In this case it is advisable to consult the treating physician.


Tips for warm feet:


Sufficient movement is not only important to activate the calf-muscle pump and the venous system. Movement is also beneficial for the feet and helps keep feet warm and blood flowing optimally. If you do not have the time to go on extensive walks in the course of your normal day, you can always try flexing/flipping your feet or rolling your toes under the desk.

Cold-warm jets of water

In cold water blood vessels contract. In warm water they distend again. This trains the blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation. NB: avoid great variations in temperature, for in the case of high warmth the blood vessels distend.

Warm socks

The simplest and fastest solution: pull on extra warm socks over your compression stockings. The stockings should have a soft trim that does not constrict. Warming slippers can be "recharged" quickly and many times.

Compression material

The material of the compression care product does not cause cold feet. However, there are materials that counteract freezing feet, such as eg cotton with its soft and warming properties.