Blue like the ocean

Our new colour for Lastofa Forte

Lastofa fort leg section in colour oceanLastofa fort leg section in colour ocean

Lastofa Forte is the only flat knitted quality, which consists of a high percentage of skin friendly merino wool and also of high-grade modern function yarn. Naturalness is also in the center of attention when it comes to the colours: the colour shades are adapted to the bottoms, the merino sheep walks on, like for example foliage or soil. From now on the merino sheep conquers a new terrain with a new colour.

The merino sheep dares to go into the cool water: from now on Lastofa Forte is available in the new colour “ocean”.
Nature was again the source of inspiration for this deep shade of blue. Ocean stands for the breadth and depth of the world seas.
For the compliance and the therapeutic success the colour plays an important role: many patients wish to have a big colour choice, in order not to have to go without their favorite clothing despite their edema.
The colour blue is the most popular colour for compression stockings after skin and black.
Lastofa Forte in the colour ocean is available for the leg sections and also with silver decorative seam – for everybody who wants to see the sun sparkling on the water.

Lastofa Forte ocean with silver decorative seam (optionally available)Lastofa Forte ocean with silver decorative seam (optionally available)