Lastofa Forte wins the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016

Innovation in comfort and appearance convinces the Red-Dot-Jury


red dot award winner


The flat- knitted medical compression stockings Lastofa Forte with Merino wool from Ofa Bamberg were awarded the Red Dot Award. Around 5,200 entries from 57 nations had been received for the international design prize. Lastofa Forte could on account of its innovative character set itself clearly apart from other entries and thus convince the jury in the category product design. Following the award received in 2012 for the elegant compression line Memory, it has now for the first time been flat-knitted compression stockings from Ofa Bamberg that have won the coveted design prize.

For the complex and protracted treatment of edema, scars and burns with flat-knitted medical compression stockings Ofa Bamberg with Lastofa Forte offers an innovative product in comfort and appearance. A fusion of high-tech and naturalness combines for the first time the finest microfibers and refined Merino wool in a compression stocking. Although thinner than a human hair, Merino fibres are at the same time robust and pleasantly soft. Air cushions on the inside allow the skin to breathe. They cool in summer and warm in winter.

Besides paying close attention to medical efficacy and high comfort, Ofa Bamberg during product development placed special emphasis on the appearance of the flat-knitted compression stockings. The colour range focuses on six soft colour shades from snow and sand to lava and naturalness. Due to an ingenious idea Lastofa Forte has been turned into a fashionable eye-catcher: instead of concealing the longitudinal seam necessitated by the technical requirements of flat-knitted production, it is embellished by an elegant decorative seam. For edema patients the stockings are a daily companion and sufferers desire a flat-knitted care product you need not conceal. The decorative seam transforms Lastofa Forte into a trendy and glamorous accessory which patients wear with pleasure and confidence. “, reports marketing head Carola Essig. These details also convinced the jury of 41 experts. The independent panel judged in a rigorous but fair manner each entry on the basis of criteria, such as innovativeness, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility. Professor Dr Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the Red Dot Awards, in his address spoke the following words of recognition, “ The Red Dot winners achieve and clearly demonstrate not only outstanding creative quality but also show that design is an integral part of innovative product solutions. “

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