Putting on Compression Stockings

How to put on medical compression stockings quickly and easily

Medical compression stockings are used for vein disorders or to treat edema, scars and burns. Thanks to the medically correct pressure pattern, the stockings help counteract the symptoms of these conditions. However, in order to accomplish this, the compression stockings must fit perfectly.

Two factors are essential for this:

  • The stockings have to be properly fitted in a specialist shop
  • They have to be put on correctly


How to put on compression stockings correctly

Put the stockings on early in the morning after getting up, while your legs aren't swollen yet. Please do not pull the compression stocking upwards using the edge of the top or the adhesive edge, but rather pull it upwards with your hands from the bottom to the top. To make putting on the stocking easier and to protect the knitted fabric, it is advisable to wear gloves, such as Ofa Grip, or conventional household rubber gloves. Jewellery and long fingernails can damage the stocking. Please also make sure that your feet are regularly groomed and your shoes are in perfect condition.


How to put on compression stockings with closed toes

  • To put on the stocking, turn the stocking inside out up to the base of the foot. Slip the foot part over the toes and then over the instep.
  • Now pull the leg section carefully over the heel. Please avoid pulling up the stocking at the end or adhesive edge.
  • Pull the rest of the stocking up evenly without stretching it. Finally, smooth the stocking over the leg until it is wrinkle-free.

How to put on compression stockings with open toes

Putting on your open-toe compression stockings is much easier with the Ofa fitting aid provided.

  • Slip your foot into the fitting aid so that it reaches just above the heel.
  • Now put the stocking on so that the heel is in the right place. The Ofa fitting aid makes this very easy.
  • In order to remove the fitting aid, fold back the front part of the stocking.
  • Then pull the fitting aid forwards over the tips of your toes.
  • Then roll the front part of the stocking forward. Push up the rest of the stocking evenly without stretching it. Finally, smooth the stocking over the leg until it is wrinkle-free.

Other fitting aids

In addition to the foot glider provided, we also offer other fitting aids. Ask your local medical retailer for the Ofa Grip special gloves and the Ofa Fit Magnide, the practical aid for putting on and taking off compression stockings with open and closed toes. Ofa Fit Magnide is made of a particularly smooth canvas material which allows the stocking to glide over the foot with ease. Thanks to its design, Ofa Fit Magnide fits in any handbag and is ideal for on the go.

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